Monday, March 30, 2009

West Bend Residents Gather Signatures

Citizens in West Bend and Washington County are signing petitions to request that the library board take a roll call vote on adopting policies to make the library child- safe and family friendly.  The petition asks for votes on five items.  First, they are asking for a reclassification of youth-targeted pornographic books, second, that explicit materials be labeled with a visible identification mark, third, that the library would restrict access to library-produced sexual content online; Fourth, they ask for balanced literature on controversial issues, and; Fifth, that the library use technology protection measures to protect children from internet sites that are obscene, pornographic or harmful to minors.  The public is invited to sign petitions for the library board to vote on these matters.  These petitions are available to the public to be signed this evening.  You may stop in any time this evening from 5:30-9pm in the “Story Room” of the Library located on First Floor in the Children’s Section.  These same petitions are available for signing tomorrow, March 31st from 5-9pm in the Tower Room at the Top of the stairs in the library.  People may stop in, sign the petition and leave.  The West Bend Library is located at 630 Poplar Street.  For more information about the petition you may call 1-866-910-2840 or visit their website at