Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sex Ed Legislation on Fast Track

Pro abortion advocate Lena Taylor and Tamara Grigsby introduced legislation in Wisconsin AB-458 and SB-324 regarding the providing of instruction in human growth and development. This legislation would require that there not be any bias nor any instruction against any sexual orientation or against sexually active pupils. This would require that there not be anything discriminatory said against pedophilia, beastiality, and many other perversions. Teaching traditional marriage and relationships would also be forbidden in following the language of the Bill.

AB-458 and SB-324 were introduced on September 30th. On October 1st a public hearing was scheduled for AB-458 to take place on Tuesday, October 6th at 9am in Room 417-North at the State Capitol. Could it be the sponsors of this legislation want this to quickly pass before the public becomes aware of the devastating consequences of the legislation?

In addition to contacting your own Representative through the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472 you may also contact the membes of the Assembly Education Commission which will hold the public hearing Tuesday.

Members on the Assembly Committee on Education include:

Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts 1-888-534-0079
Rep. Kristen Dexter 1-888-534-0068
Rep. Steve Hilgenberg 1-888-534-0051
Rep. Christine Sinicki 1-888-534-0020
Rep. Kim Hixson 1-888-534-0043
Rep. Jeff Smith 1-888-534-0093
Rep. Peggy Krusick 1-888-529-0007
Rep. Mark Radcliffe 1-888-534-0092
Rep. Brett Davis 1-888-534-0080
Rep. Stephen Nass 1-888-529-0031
Rep. John Townsend 1-888-529-0052
Rep. Leah Vukmir 1-888-534-0014
Rep. John Nygren 1-888-534-0089