Thursday, November 5, 2009

Milwaukee County Supervisors vote to approve next step toward Domestic Partner Benefits for County Employees

This morning on a 13-6 vote to Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted to require the Director of Administrative Services along with related departments to draft revisions to the county employee health plan to extend health benefit coverage to domestic partners of eligible Milwaukee County employees.  They are to present the revisions along with an estimated cost to the Personnel Committee and the Finance & Audit Committee no later than July 1, 2010.  Another vote will be necessary by the County Board to formally accept these new benefits once they receive the plan revisions and cost estimates. 

Voting in favor were Supervisors Broderick, Clark, Coggs, DeBruin, Dimitrijevic, Holloway, Johnson, Jursik, Larson, Lipscomb, Thomas, Weishan and West. 

Those voting against were Supervisors Borkowski, Cesarz, Mayo, Rice, Sanfelippo and Schmitt.