Monday, November 23, 2009

Verona Public Schools Lobbied To Include Domestic Partner Benefits

According to The Verona Press, The Verona Public Schools is being lobbied by the President of the Teacher’s Union, Dave Wallace to offer health benefits to the domestic partners of district employees.  It’s ironic that at a time when schools are clamoring for funding to offer “educational programs” that the union representing educators is seeking this new benefit at the expense of children and taxpayers.   It is important for residents and taxpayers in the Verona Public School system to contact the School Board with your views on this issue.  The main number to Verona Schools is:  (608) 845-4300.

Board members include:
Dennis Beres, President (608) 845-9305
Kathy Pielage, Vice President (608) 845-3396
Kenneth Behnke, Clerk (608) 845-9258
Amy Almond, Treasurer (608) 274-6137
Charyn Grandau, Deputy Clerk (608) 848-1211
Joanne Gauthier (608) 848-9729
Renee Zook (608) 848-4354