Thursday, December 17, 2009

Measure to Advance Domestic Partnership Benefits to Milwaukee County Employees Fails

This morning the Milwaukee County Board failed in their effort to override the veto of County Executive Scott Walker on the matter of advancing the measure for Domestic Partner Benefits for Milwaukee County Employees.  The final vote to override was 12-7 which was one vote short of the necessary two-thirds to override the veto.  As a result, for now the advancement of domestic partner benefits to county employees has failed. 

Supervisors voting to override were:  Broaderick, Clark, Coggs, Dimitrijevic, Holloway, Johnson, Jursik, Larson, Lipscomb, Thomas, Weishan, and West.

Supervisors voting to sustain the veto were:  Borkowski, Cesarz, DeBruin, Mayo, Rice, Sanfelippo and Schmitt.

For now the matter is dead, but be watching for another attempt to be made in the near future for taxpayers to fund this new benefit.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Personnel Committee Votes to Recommend Sustaining Scott Walker’s Veto

This morning the Personnel Committee of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted 5-2 to recommend to the full County Board to sustain (support) the veto of County Executive Scott Walker as it relates to advancing the implementation of Domestic Partner Benefits to Milwaukee County employees.  Those voting to recommend sustaining the veto included Supervisors Borkowski, DeBruin, Rice, Sanfelippo and Schmitt.  Those voting against were Supervisors Larson and Jursik. The full County Board will meet this Thursday, December 17th at 9:30am. Supervisors can be contacted at (414) 278-4222 or at their individual numbers given on a previous post.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MPS School Board Committee Votes Unanimously To Advance Free Condoms for Children

The public attending the School Board meeting last night waited until 11:25pm for the Board to take up the Administrator’s recommendation to provide free condoms to youth attending Milwaukee Public Schools.  After hearing from the public and deliberating amongst themselves, the School Board voted around 1:05am this morning to advance the proposal of providing free condoms to children in MPS.  The five committee members voting in favor of the measure include Directors Larry Miller, Terry Falk, Bruce Thompson, David Voeltner and Tim Petersons. 

It’s interesting to note that the front page of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel read “Doyle calls session to alter MPS” .  The subtitle reads, “Spurred by poor math scores, he seeks action on mayoral takeover”.  Another subtitle on page 4A of the paper today regarding MPS reads, “Assessment puts students near bottom in nation”. While MPS continues to fail in teaching academic basics, they are front runners to promoting promiscuity among youth. 

The free condom distribution to children issue now goes before the full school board. The full board next meets on December 17th.  Milwaukee residents and taxpayers may contact the Office of the Board of Governance at (414) 475-8284 and the Superintendent’s office at (414) 475-8001.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Attempt to Override Veto of Domestic Partner Benefits Returns to County Board

On November 9th, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker cast a Veto on the attempt by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to offer new Domestic Partner Benefits to County employees.  One cost estimate put this new benefit at nearly 4 million dollars to the taxpayer.  This issue is back before the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors who will attempt to override the veto at their December 17th meeting.  Previously the domestic partner benefits were passed by the Board on a 13-6 vote enough to override the veto.  It is vital for Milwaukee County residents to contact their supervisors on this issue.  The phone number is (414) 278-4222.  Individual members of the County Board can be contacted as well:

District 1 – Theodore Lipscomb (414) 278-4257
District 2 – Toni Clark (414) 278-4278
District 3 – Gerry Broderick (414) 278-4237
District 4 – Marina Dimitrijevic (414) 278-4232
District 5 – Lee Holloway (414) 278-4261
District 6 – Joseph Rice (414) 278-4243
District 7 – Michael Mayo, Sr. (414) 278-4241
District 8 – Patricia Jursik (414) 278-4231
District 9 – Paul Cesarz (414) 278-4267
District 10 – Elizabeth Coggs (414) 278-4265
District 11 – Mark Borkowski (414) 278-4253
District 12 – Peggy West (414) 278-4269
District 13 – Willie Johnson, Jr. (414) 278-4233
District 14 – Christopher Larson (414) 278-4252
District 15 – Lynne DeBruin (414) 278-4263
District 16 – John Weishan, Jr. (414) 278-4255
District 17 – Joe Sanfelippo (414) 278-4247
District 18 – Johnny Thomas (414) 278-4259
District 19 – Jim “Luigi” Schmitt (414) 278-4273


Milwaukee Public Schools Considers Free Condom Distribution to Students

In an alarming move, health officials at Milwaukee Public Schools are wanting to make condoms available to students freely in several high schools. This measure is before the Innovation/School Reform Committee of the Milwaukee School Board who will take up this issue at its meeting, Tuesday, December 8th at 6:30pm at the MPS Administration Building, 5225 W. Vliet in Milwaukee.

It is vital for contacts to be made to the Milwaukee Public Schools Office of the Board of Governance at (414) 475-8284.

You may also email School Board members at .

Further contacts can be made to the District Switchboard – Central Office at (414) 475-8393 and to Superintendent William Andrekopoulos at (414) 475-8001.