Thursday, December 17, 2009

Measure to Advance Domestic Partnership Benefits to Milwaukee County Employees Fails

This morning the Milwaukee County Board failed in their effort to override the veto of County Executive Scott Walker on the matter of advancing the measure for Domestic Partner Benefits for Milwaukee County Employees.  The final vote to override was 12-7 which was one vote short of the necessary two-thirds to override the veto.  As a result, for now the advancement of domestic partner benefits to county employees has failed. 

Supervisors voting to override were:  Broaderick, Clark, Coggs, Dimitrijevic, Holloway, Johnson, Jursik, Larson, Lipscomb, Thomas, Weishan, and West.

Supervisors voting to sustain the veto were:  Borkowski, Cesarz, DeBruin, Mayo, Rice, Sanfelippo and Schmitt.

For now the matter is dead, but be watching for another attempt to be made in the near future for taxpayers to fund this new benefit.