Monday, January 4, 2010

Oak Creek Considers Granting Adult Entertainment Business License

On Tuesday, January 5, 2010 the Oak Creek Common Council will be considering a motion to grant a new adult entertainment license to a business named “The New Spice II” at 7070 South 27th Street.  That’s the very location where a previous such store was operating as Oak Creek’s only sexually oriented retailer. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calls this new business an adult bookstore.  The Oak Creek Common Council will meet Tuesday, January 5th at 7pm at the Oak Creek City Hall Council Chambers at 8640 South Howell Avenue.  The public will have an opportunity to give input on this issue at 7pm. 

In addition to being at the public hearing you may call the City of Oak Creek at (414) 768-6500.  That’s (414) 768-6500.  You may also contact the council members which include:
Dan Jakubczyk (414) 331-0512 or (414) 764-6752
Daniel Bukiewicz at (414) 762-2583
Steve Scaffidi at (414) 234-0635
Michael Toman at (414) 762-9009
Ken Gehl at (414) 570-0801
Tom Michalski at (414) 745-1558.

If the license is granted at the Tuesday night meeting, the new owners are prepared to open the next day.    It is vital for Oak Creek residents to contact their elected officials on this matter.