Thursday, January 28, 2010

Senate Passes "Unhealthly Youth Act"

 Ignoring the phone calls of concerned citizens around the state, today the Wisconsin State Senate voted 18 to 15 on a party line vote to pass AB-458, a Bill heavily lobbied by Planned Parenthood and also by the teacher’s union and the ACLU.  The bill passed today denies school districts the opportunity to teach an abstinence only curriculum for human growth and development, cannot promote any bias in teaching against sexually active children, and allows school districts to allow groups such as Planned Parenthood to teach the human growth and development curriculum.  All Democrats in the state Senate voted in favor of the bill, all Republicans voted in opposition.  Senator Robson on the floor said passage of the bill will solve the problem of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  Parents will want to take note they can opt to have their children removed from this offensive curriculum.