Friday, February 12, 2010

Expedited Partner Therapy Passes Senate Committee

On Thursday, February 11th the Wisconsin Senate Health Committee approved on a party-line vote, SB-460 the “Expedited Partner Therapy Act”.  (See full discussion below).  All Democrats on the committee voted in favor of SB-460, all Republicans on the committee voted in opposition.

Voting in favor of the legislation were Senators Erpenbach, Carpenter, Robson, and Lassa.
Voting against were Senators Lazich, Kanavas, and Darling.

Since SB-460 and it’s companion legislation AB-653 have passed both the Senate and Assembly Committees these bills now advance to the full Senate and the full Assembly for an up or down vote.  These legislative bodies next meet on February 16th and again during the week of February 22nd.  To weigh in on this issue you must contact your legislator by calling them at 1-800-362-9472.  For direct contact to their offices you may use this link: