Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Public Hearing Alert: Legislation Allows Nurses to Treat Children with STD’s Without Parental Knowledge

Another piece of legislation is on a fast track for passage.  Assembly Bill 828 (AB- 828) was introduced on March 9th impacting nurses.  Of concern to many comes under a section entitled, “Health Care” (Page 2).  In this section it says:

“The bill allows an advanced practice nurse prescriber to examine, diagnose, and treat a minor with a sexually transmitted disease without obtaining the parent’s or guardian’s consent and relieves the advanced practice nurse prescriber from civil liability for not having that consent.”  (Bolded emphasis added)

While parents give written consent for a school to give Tylenol to their children, the above would allow an advanced practice nurse (even in schools) to examine and treat a child with a STD without the parents even knowing and then removing them from any civil liability for that treatment.

A public hearing on AB-828 will be held Tuesday, March 30th at 1:00pm in room 328 Northwest of the State Capitol.  This public hearing is before the Assembly Committee on Public Health.  To have your views heard you may attend this public hearing and may also contact the following Committee members:

Rep. Chuck Benedict, Chair – 1-888-534-0045
Rep. Sandy Pasch, Vice-Chair – 1-888-534-0022
Rep. Kristen Dexter – 1-888-534-0068
Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber – 1-888-534-0057
Rep. Patricia Strachota – 1-888-534-0058
Rep. Leah Vukmir – 1-888-534-0014
Rep. Scott Newcomer – 1-888-529-0033

Constituents may also contact their own legislators through the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472.