Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milwaukee County Supervisors Refer Arizona Boycott Measure Back to Committee

On Thursday, June 24th the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted 17-2 to refer Resolution File #10-238 back to Committee.  This Resolution calls for a boycott of Arizona and companies in Arizona due to the State’s passage and enforcement of legislation to stem illegal immigration in their state. 

Sponsoring supervisors recommended it go back to committee with one supervisor stating they will revise the Resolution so that the State of Arizona is boycotted, but not businesses in the state. 

Prior to the vote on sending it back to Committee a motion was made to table the Resolution.  The motion to table failed on a vote of 9-10. 

As a result of today’s vote, this Resolution, File #10-238 will now go back to the Finance and Audit Committee.  Supervisors on this Committee include:  Coggs, Thomas, Mayo, Schmitt, Johnson, West and Jursik.  The measure will come at a future date to the full Milwaukee County Board.  To contact supervisors with your view you may call the Milwaukee County Board at (414) 278-4222.