Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wisconsin’s Next Casino in Sheboygan?

Despite the issues of problem gambling in our state, it’s being reported both in print and broadcast media that Sheboygan officials have laid the groundwork to bring a casino to the community.   It’s reported that discussions have been going on for several months now with no formal agreement having been reached.  According to the Sheboygan Press, the mayor has been pursuing a casino since shortly after taking office in 2009.  To this point the public has been left out of the discussion.

Before such an agreement comes about it’s vital for Sheboygan city and county residents to communicate with their elected officials whether or not they want a gambling facility in their community.    

To share your views you may contact:
Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan at (920) 459-3317.
Sheboygan  aldermen can be contacted using the following link:

Sheboygan County Board Chairman, Michael Vandersteen and County Administrator, Adam Payne at (920) 459-3103.

Sheboygan County board members can be reached at:
The time to share your views is prior to negotiations being set in stone.

Some of the media reports on this matter can be found at:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cedarburg Schools Consider Human Growth & Development Curriculum Tonight

Tonight, July 20th the Cedarburg School Board will be voting on a Human Growth and Development Curriculum.  As you recall in the last legislative session, schools which offer human growth and development must meet new state requirements. These requirements include teaching children about the use and health benefits of contraceptives.  In Juneau County, the District Attorney urged schools not to offer human growth and development as dictated by the state.  In his written warning to school board members in his county he stated the new mandates promote the sexual assault of children, exposes teachers to possible criminal liability, undermines parental authority, requires school districts to condone controversial sexual behavior, provides access to our children by the contraceptive industry and may expose districts to civil litigation.  Tonight the Cedarburg School Board will be voting on whether or not to approve the human growth & Development Curriculum.  The public is invited to speak at the beginning of the meting which gets underway at 7pm at the Cedarburg District Office, W68 N611 Evergreen Blvd in Cedarburg.  To contact school board members you may call (262) 376-6100.