Monday, January 24, 2011

Oshkosh Mayor Interested in Installing Video Gambling Machines - Public Invited to Speak

The Oshkosh Northwestern reports that Paul Esslinger, Mayor of Oshkosh wants to discuss installing video gambling machines in the Lakeshore Golf Course Clubhouse. The article points out that “The machines are illegal under state law, but local police and sheriff’s departments do not have jurisdiction to enforce gambling laws with regard to them.”  The mayor was quoted as saying, “We’re desperately looking for new sources of revenue and I think this would be a great source of revenue.”  You can read the full article here: wants-to-discuss-installing-video-gambling-machines

The Oshkosh Common Council has listed this as item #29 on the agenda at their Common Council meeting, Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at the Oshkosh City Hall. These video gambling machines are listed on the agenda as, “Amusement Machines”. 

This Common Council meeting will allow the citizens to speak on this issue.  If there is support at the Tuesday Common Council meeting, the Mayor plans to forward the idea to the Parks Advisory Board.

Besides speaking at this meeting Tuesday night, citizens of Oshkosh can also contact the members of the Oshkosh City Council as follows:

Mayor Paul Esslinger – (920) 426-9750
Deputy Mayor Jessica King (920) 376-0706
Steve Cummings – (920) 231-5692
Steve Herman - (920) 573-0799
Tony Palmeri - (920) 235-1116
Bob Poeschl – (920) 312-0529
Burk Tower – (920) 426-3236

Residents may also contact the City Attorney, Lynn Lorenson with concerns at (920) 236-5115