Friday, September 30, 2011

WI Senate Committee Upcoming Vote to Expand Liquor Sales

The Senate Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce and Government Operations Committee will be voting on Tuesday, October 4th at 10:00am on SB-44 .  This legislation increases by two hours every day the number of hours that retailers can sell beer and intoxicating liquor.  This will allow such sales beginning at 6:00am.  If passed, the measure will move on to the full Senate. Your views on SB-44 can be expressed to the following Senators who make up this Committee:

Sen. Zipperer (Chair) 1-800-863-8883
Sen. Kedzie (Vice-Chair) 1-800-578-1457
Sen. Galloway 1-877-496-0472
Sen. Risser (608) 266-1627
Sen. Erpenbach 1-888-549-0027

The Assembly version of this Bill, AB-63 passed out of Committee 5-2 on September 13th.  You may also contact your own Senator regarding SB-44 or your Assemblyman regarding AB-63  using the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Bay Council Considers Domestic Partner Benefits

Green Bay Alderman Ned Dorff requested that the Green Bay City Council approve the same insurance benefits to registered domestic partners as are given to legally married couples. 

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette , Dorff told the members of the Personnel Committee that the city is wrong to provide such benefits to married men and women, but not to gay couples calling the current policy, “discriminatory”. 

According to the September 27, 2011 minutes from the Personnel Committee Ald. Dorff indicated that the way the benefits are set up now “doesn’t necessarily attract the best employees.” Beyond health benefits, Ald. Dorff also believes that granting additional benefits are also in order including, “bereavement, sick leave, or anything that married couples currently enjoy.”

Also pushing for this new special benefit was Alderwoman Amy Kocha who said it was “the moral thing to do.”

  The Personnel Committee voted 3-0 against granting these new benefits.  The measure now moves to the full City Council which next meets on Tuesday, October 4th.  To share your views you may contact the Green Bay City Council members here .

Friday, September 9, 2011

WI Assembly Committee Considers Expanding Liquor Sales

Wisconsin has a drinking problem. One can hardly look at a newspaper without reading of arrests for OWI or innocent people being killed by drunkards. Marriages are being torn apart and families are being shattered by alcohol. Divorce, separation, spousal abuse and child abuse all are impacted by alcohol consumption. While all these things are true, the Wisconsin State Assembly is considering the passage of AB-63 which allows for the expansion of hours that retailers are able to sell beer and liquor. Present law allows such retail sales beginning at 8am, and this new proposal moves it up by 2 hours to 6am? Is it really necessary to increase the hours for beer and alcohol to be sold by 6am?

AB-63 will be voted on Tuesday, September 13th at 10:30am in Room 328 Northwest of the State Capitol by the committee on Homeland Security and State Affairs. If they pass it, it will move on to the full State Assembly. You may contact the members of this Committee with your views as follows:
Rep. Van Roy (Chair) 1-888-534-0090
Rep. Kuglitsch (Vice-Chair) 1-888-534-0084
Rep. Ballweg 1-888-534-0041
Rep. August 1-888-529-0032
Rep. Kooyenga 1-888-534-0014
Rep. Danou 1-888-534-0091
Rep. Zamarripa 1-888-534-0008
Rep. Bewley 1-888-534-0074

You may also share your views with your own Representative (and Senator) using the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472.