Monday, April 1, 2013

Election Day Reminder – Tuesday April 2, 2013

Wisconsin Voters will go to the polls Tuesday, April 2nd.  Two statewide offices are on the ballot including a 10-year term to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a 4-year term as Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

VCY offered to interview each of the Statewide candidates.  (Simply click on the links to watch the interview with candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court):

Candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Superintendent Tony Evers (Candidate did not accept invitation for an interview)

This election will also offer numerous municipal races which vary depending upon your community.  Some of the offices elected include mayor, alderman, circuit court judge, supervisor, treasurer, town chairman, trustee, school board, clerk, school referendum  etc.

For a sample ballot, click here .

For non-partisan voter information on the state-wide candidates you may click here .

Be informed.  Pray.  Vote.