Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fate of 3 Pro-Life Bills Hangs in the WI State Senate

After being passed in the WI Assembly, three pro-life bills continue to be blocked in the WI State Senate.  Their fate will be determined shortly as the legislative floor period soon comes to a close.

The 3 Bills are:

AB-206  – Allows a “Choose Life” license plate in the State of WI with proceeds benefitting Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the State

AB-216  – Protects WI taxpayers from having to pay for the abortions of state employees AND will protect many religious institutions from being forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs

AB-217  – Prohibits the practice of performing abortions based on the gender of the child

To share your views WI residents can make the following contacts:

1)  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald – 1-888-291-3489 or

2)  Your own WI State Senator at this link  or by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1- 800-362-9472

3)  Governor Scott Walker – (608) 266-1212 or